Road to Grad School: Day Two

10:00PM, Mountain Time. Dad and I are watching Cars (you wish you were as cool as us). It has been a long day.

We started at 5:30 this morning, rolling out of bed and heading for the car. After a detour at Starbucks (on the way I got lost – my bad), we headed back to I-84 East, and though I started out driving, I eventually needed Dad to take over. I stayed awake for a while, through the rest of Idaho and crossing in to Utah, and then I fell asleep for a while.

Rest stop at the Idaho-Utah border.

Welcome to Utah!

When I woke up, we were still in Utah, but were now headed for Cheyenne, Wyoming. In a fitting change of music, I tossed a Garth Brooks CD in and we listened to that as we headed through Wyoming. It’s actually a pretty state, it’s just extremely flat and huge. We were in Wyoming for probably 4 hours, but it felt like we spent a week there.

Welcome to Wyoming!

Headed for Cheyenne.

As we came in to Wyoming from Utah, we began to see signs for a place called Little America. The billboards would say things like “50 cent Ice Cream cones,” or “17 Marble Showers.” At some point Dad and I decided that Little America was where we had to stop for lunch. After all, we’d been seeing advertisements for it for nearly 60 miles. So we pulled off the highway, and lunched with the other tourists in Little America. We found some shot glasses to commemorate the visit, had lunch, and then headed on our way again. Thanks for the adventure, Little America!

After that, we continued heading through Wyoming. We ran into several places where there were wind turbines, some of them close enough we could practically touch them. Then, at some point, we headed into a thunderstorm. We could see the lightening hit the ground, which was new for me. Usually, the lightening doesn’t come that close to us in Vancouver. It was definitely cool to see.

The rain slowed down as we crossed into Colorado. Dad and I were floored by how beautiful it was – the rock, the greenery, the mountains. Everything about it was just gorgeous. We came down in to Fort Collins and headed straight for one of the places we have been looking forward to the most – the New Belgium brewery.

Welcome to Colorado!

Inside it was packed, but we managed to get up to the bar and order samplers. Five beers each, which were all delicious. My favorites were Strike, and Tart Lycee. I’m so glad we got to go there; we even picked up some beer goblets and some coasters. It was a great way to end the drive.

Sampling at New Belgium!

After the beers, we made our way to Colorado State, where we are staying for the night with a wonderful friend of mine. Steph took us CB & Potts for dinner, which was delicious, and now here we are, watching Cars.

I’m excited for tomorrow; we’re heading for Kansas City, Missouri. It could end up being kind of hot, but I think it’s going to be a great drive.

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One thought on “Road to Grad School: Day Two

  1. Typical America, take a great product, European Beer, add a flavor, give it a new name and you got a new trend. Melissa, it’s a shame that you have to make a mad dash accross the States and don’t have more time to spend along the way. America is huge and diverse and we really can’t fully appreciate who we are until we leave our comfort zone (hometown). Keep on, keep on……….

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